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I went in to purchase a pair of eyeglasses that the attendant told me was $289 for frames and 99 for lenses. She then told me I got $100 off the frames and lenses would only be $60 with my insurance.She wrote me a receipt and ended up charging me $249 out of pocket "after my insurance".

She then came back and told me she had to charge me an extra $69 because the frames I picked out NEEDED polycarbonate lenses. So in total I left paying $328 out of pocket. I KNEW THIS WAS WRONG because my insurance pays up to $345 for lenses and frames! I should have only paid $73 out of pocket!

I then called my insurance up to discuss the charges and they called sterling to get a itemized bill. They CHANGED the price of the frames to $389 and the price of lenses to $275 on the bill they sent my insurance! (my insurance plan also makes polycarbonate lenses $129-so how did they come up with $275?) They also told my insurance company I got glare resistance frames which I did not! I got so mad that I went down to the store to confront them!

The lady that helped me played dumb and told me that the frames are really $389 and she was new so she messed up! (she told me she worked there for YEARS when she was helping me pick out glasses). They tried to justify the price even though my receipt CLEARLY says $289 retail price. The owner came out and did the math and ended up fixing SOME of the mess.

He charged me $389 for the frames and $129 for the lenses and refunded me the $145 difference. (only after confronting them a second time). THEY STILL OWE ME THE OTHER $100 for the frames! The retail value of the frames are only $289!

I had a friend even go in and ask! They lied and raised it to $389 to get more money out of me even though my RECEIPT clearly says $289. If they sold it to me at $289 as it says on my receipt they can't change the price to more now!!!!

That is on them!! They still owe me the $100 difference!

Product or Service Mentioned: Harve Benard Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Omg. So maddening.

Ugh I'm sorry. Won't be making an appt there!!

Thanku for your review!

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