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Update by user Sep 18, 2014

After contacting Sterling opticals corporate office, they contacted Dr. Mann's office to help resolve the problem.


Mann's office is who I had the problem with, not Sterling Optical. If I knew how to change or delete the review, I would remove Sterling Opticals name.

Original review posted by user Feb 28, 2008

My son went to Dr. Mann's office (a part of Sterling Optical) for an exam and contacts. We were told they would be there in a couple of weeks . After two weeks, I called the office and the receptionist told me she hasn't billed the the insurance yet, but she will. Two more weeks went by and I called back, she still hasn't billed them yet, but she said she would. She also said that she could not even order his contacts until the insurance has paid her office. I have never heard of this before, but we had already paid the co-pay and all I could do is wait.

My insurance sent payment in 30 days. About a week later, I went by the office to check on the contacts. I was told with a flick of her hand to wait until she finished with the other patients. I told her my son has been waiting 10 weeks for his contacts and I need the contacts or my money back. She said very rudely I just need to wait until she is finished with the others. I stood there and waited about 8 minutes and started to get very, very angry. She was completely ignoring me. I blurted out some bad things and left without knowing if the contacts were there, or ordered, or anything.

About a week later my son went to the office to check on the contacts again, and they said still no payment from the insurance. What?! I called my insurance and told them that we have been waiting for over 10 weeks for his contacts and still haven't gotten them. They told me that the doctor's office can't do that, and I said, "but that's what they are doing". They told me to hold on the line while they called the office. They came back on the line and told me the doctor's office was not following the correct protocol, and that they would be contacting me later that day to get things straight. Of course, they didn't call back!

That day I decided to email Sterling Optical's corporate office and file a complaint about how we we're being treated by this office. The next day the secretary took out two warrants on me for what I said to her on my visit to the office (that's another story all together) and the next day the doctor's office called and said the contacts were there. I believe they were there the whole time.

This is absolutely one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a doctor's office or any place of business for that matter. I felt robbed, lied to, helpless, and there was nothing I could do but wait until they were ready to give us what we had to pay for on the initial visit.

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Danville, Virginia, United States #872203

Dr Mann NEVER worked for or with Sterling Optical ~ her office was beside Sterling Optical ~ two seperate businesses !


This office is very unprofessional. The receptionist discusses personal patient info in front of other patients!!!

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